Android TV (Sony integrated) surround sound volume notification

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Android TV (Sony integrated) surround sound volume notification

Post by nelsonjw » Tue Aug 20, 2019 6:16 am

Android TV 8.0 on a Sony Bravia X800G TV.

Issue: With external speakers connected to the TV, anytime the volume up/down buttons are pressed on the TV remote while viewing video in the HDHomeRun app, a notification banner shows up saying "This app is set for surround sound. Use your TV remote to adjust volume."

However, I *am* using my TV remote. This does not occur in other apps on the TV, such as Amazon Prime or HBO Go for example. The HDHomeRun app on Android TV is up to date at the latest version per the Google Play Store.

This is a feature request to offer an option to hide or suppress this notification as it pops up every time I adjust volume while watching live TV. I understand the notification is probably generated by the Sony TV firmware and not by the HDHomeRun app, but even so, other apps that also output surround sound - Prime Video for example - do not generate the notice. So it would appear there is something these other apps have done that the HDHomeRun app has not.

My specific HDHR device is the 3-tuner Prime.

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