Why do I have 801b that I did not install?

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Why do I have 801b that I did not install?

Post by GGRussell » Mon Aug 05, 2019 8:23 am

I have Early Access turned off. If I go to the Hamburger menu, it states app ver 20190611 If I go to the cogwheel settings, lower right has 20190801b. Why the difference in dates? Was early access forced on users that have it turned off?

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Re: Why do I have 801b that I did not install?

Post by leerandall » Mon Aug 05, 2019 9:53 am

The hamburger menu tells you what version of the app you have. The version shown in the "cog wheel" settings shows you the version of the UI you have. The UI is automatically updated from SD servers. The difference between having the "early access" turned on/off is, with "early access" on, you will receive beta UI versions. With "early access" off, you will only get the latest release version.

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Re: Why do I have 801b that I did not install?

Post by nateb » Mon Aug 05, 2019 1:15 pm

With the UI we're using a style of software development called RERO or Release Early, Release Often. The idea is to be able to get features and bug fixes out to users as quickly as possible after reports from the customers. It's a slightly different style than point releases, where you get v1.0, then v1.1 and so on, because the idea is to get the fix to the customer as soon as it becomes available and has been tested.

To that end, we actually have 3 roughly daily releases. One internal release, where we test things out first to make sure we don't catch any obvious regressions or errors. Sometimes we skip this one if the bug fix is small and unlikely to cause big problems. One beta release, which you get if you turn on Early Access to New Features. And one full release.

It's definitely a big shift from the old UI, where releases would happen... once a year? Maybe? And we'll probably shift a little big again once we get out of what used to be considered point-release season and the reported bugs start approaching zero. I'm not totally sure how RERO and big features will work together, so time will tell on that one.

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