HDHR stopped working

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HDHR stopped working

Post by howie » Mon May 20, 2019 6:02 pm

What went wrong:
After watch the evening news, I return to TV guide to turn to another channel. The guide was not working and am not able to switch channel.

What have I tried:
1. check HDHR box and make sure the 2 LED light on the right are on. They both are green.
2. unplug HDHR wait for 10 sec. and restart it - still not working
3. called Fios customer service and they verified that the system is working fine
4. Disconnected OTA battery and unplug it and HDHR. Wait for 1 min. and restart both units
5. Recheck the LED on HDHR and both lights are green.
6. Re-scanned the channels using HDHR setup software. It identified around 200 programs but return an error message "no channels find"
7. Re-scanned again. This time it find 2 channels. when I tried to play the channel i got "Unable to play channel, unknown channel"

HDHR Device ID: 1323ABB

Intel NUC8i3 running win10 and Kodi are used to interface with HDHR.

Please look at the system log and let me how to fix it. Thank you.


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Re: HDHR stopped working

Post by jasonl » Mon May 20, 2019 7:45 pm

Please enable the sending of diagnostic data on the System Status screen on the HDHomeRun's web page, reboot the HDHomeRun, wait 1 minute for it to come back, then run a channel scan. After the scan completes, reply back and we will check the logs.

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