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Default audio channel

Postby EricP » Sat Mar 23, 2019 12:10 pm

Hi, I've had the DVR setup hooked up to an HDR3-CC for a while.
Apps running on a variety of devices (mostly PCs and Xbox). It's been pretty smooth so far.

There's one thing that's bugging me and I can't find a solution: some TV channels default to an audio channel that has some narration that's likely intended to visually impaired people. I would like the default to be 5.1 audio.
I can switch to 5.1 hitting the SAP button once (there are 3 audio channels).
But just going to recordings and then back to live tv resets the audio channel to the one with narration...
It gets old pretty fast.
Is there a was to change the default audio channel?

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