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Open Media Vault

Postby DIYBeer » Sat Feb 09, 2019 3:58 pm

HI I am trying to setup my DVR with my nas server
I have created the folder HDHromeRun as a shared folder but the HDHomerun software keeps repeating to create the shared folder.
I am running openmediavault
any help?

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Re: Open Media Vault

Postby signcarver » Sat Feb 09, 2019 4:56 pm

This should be moved to software setup as it is setting up the DVR which is HDHomerun Software, not HDHomeRun Hardware.

Best is usually to do a manual install so you can see where it is breaking,

For the installer to work:
First you must have it discoverable by upnp so usually one needs a dlna server running on it for it to be detected.

Second the share must be HDHomeRun (exact case).

Third, the installer uses smb 1.0 which has been disabled with certain windows updates and may also have been disabled/not working correctly with the latest smb 3 updates on the "NAS"

Fourth, from what I remember, usually OMV mounts /tmp as noexec so you may have to fix that as the installer basically downloads hdhomerun_record_linux, creates hdhomerun.conf that has the location of the recording directory and then executes that from the "share" which is actually an "installer" that extracts from itself the version needed for your architecture (arm, x86, etc) to /tmp. then executes the correct version from /tmp (pointing it to where the config file is, though if one "cd"'s to the "share" it can use that directory for the location of the .conf file.

For a manual install, ssh into the box, cd to where you wish to record (i.e. the share but it does not need to be a share), download hdhomerun_record_linux ( wget -O hdhomerun_record ... linux_beta ) - both _beta and without should currently get the same engine but I was too lazy to edit the link from the download page in the forum -. Make it executable ( chmod +x hdhomerun_record ). Make the config file pointing to the record location (echo RecordPath=`pwd`/ >hdhomerun.conf )- I usually also like to define the port in the config. Run the "linux installer" you just downloaded and it is usually a good idea to check status ( ./hdhomerun_record start ; ./hdhomerun_record status ). If you did the chmod and you have issues where it fails to execute (either error or status says it is stopped right after you started it) you most likely would need to do something to either allow executable from /tmp (usually in fstab) or run what it extracted to /tmp from another directory but typically when doing so you would want to update the parameters pointing to the config file. below is the code for most of what I mentioned in this paragraph after cd to "share" or recording directory.

Code: Select all

wget -O hdhomerun_record chmod +x hdhomerun_record echo RecordPath=`pwd`/ >hdhomerun.conf ./hdhomerun_record start ; ./hdhomerun_record status
you may wish to look at various autostart methods for debian.

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