Freezing After Extended Pause

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Freezing After Extended Pause

Postby mkbrimley » Wed Jan 30, 2019 4:07 am

After pausing for more than several minutes (this is just an estimate), after selecting "play," the HDHomeRun app (as well as third-party Kodi plugins) resumes, but audio only (it freezes on the last watched frame). Pausing again and unpausing does not rectify the issue, but audio still works.

Scrubbing to a past or future point does not solve it either, and those new points on the video timeline do not play at all (audio or otherwise). Only quitting the app and restarting "works", and it does not remember your playback position (the app sees the recording as having never been watched).

I have an HDHomeRun CONNECT DUO, connected directly to an Nvidia Shield Pro, 2015 edition. All recordings are saved directly to the Shield's internal hard drive.


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