Will multiple HDHomeRun Servio units be supported?

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Will multiple HDHomeRun Servio units be supported?

Postby historyvids » Fri Jan 11, 2019 8:10 pm

I was thrilled to see the CES announcement of the HDHomeRun Servio. My question is will multiple HDHomeRun Servio units be supported on the same network? Right now I have one four tuner HD Homerun connected to a single antenna, but to receive all the local channels I really need a second connected to a different antenna in the opposite direction. Would I be able to purchase and use multiple Servios to make sure I can always record from both units if I need to exceed four programs?

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Re: Will multiple HDHomeRun Servio units be supported?

Postby signcarver » Fri Jan 11, 2019 8:34 pm

I don't know where that 4 stream "limit" came from as a lowly single bay my cloud has been able to handle 8 in and 8 out easily for me and personally feel that they may have stated that as a guarantee or were actually referring to the ptv limit. Though it has been awhile since i benchmarked smaller drives (havent heard what drive was in servio or scribe, or even speed of ethernet port). Personally i feel if someone wanted 2 servios they would be better off buying a better and more expandable NAS.

Someone here asked a question about load balancing with 2 scribes... and nickk's answer seemed to indicate yes but currently that isn't possible as multiple engines will each be able to access any tuner on the same network and each get the same set of rules so each would record unless there was a lack of tuners. Anothr post by nateb indicate there is still work to be done on the software side of things in the boxes so perhaps come April or May we might actually see multiple engine support.

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Re: Will multiple HDHomeRun Servio units be supported?

Postby Mediaman » Wed Jan 16, 2019 12:15 am

Ted Heads interview with Lon speaks of "stack ability" between devices. In discussions about the prime6 Lon is questioning about the Servio and prime. Ted says that the scribe can serve as a recording device for the prime. But you can only record 4 channels at one time and you would have 5 tuners in that situation. Ted added that a servio can be added for 8 total recordings at one time. What might be interesting to know is the priority of such devices. The prime I believe has priority as a tuner selection over a duo for the same channel if that were in the system [edit - this is backwards - ota tuners have priority over prime]. And the earliest made prime is the primary tuner of a group of primes. So would a Servio or Scribe be the primary choice as a recording device in the logic HDHR DVR? If it follows tuner logic then the Scribe would have priority. This is obviously something that some would want to be able to set a priority on.

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Re: Servio and Connect chained.
Unread postby nateb » Wed Jan 09, 2019 6:05 pm

If the question is whether a Scribe Duo will prioritize its own tuners over an also connected Connect Duo, I believe the answer is yes, to maximize available bandwidth. Still, main development for the Scribe and Servio right now is on the software side of things, so we'll have to wait until we're nearer launch for a definitive answer.

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