Sudden loss of local channels, fixed

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Sudden loss of local channels, fixed

Postby dcalder » Thu Jan 10, 2019 9:21 pm

Wave TV subscriber. HD Homerun equipment on windows 10 PC.

Lost my local channels (live TV and recording) and a few other channels a couple days ago.

Coincidentally, Wave said they were converting to require their equipment on all channels. I'm not sure if that is what triggered the problem. Pretty coincidental though. Most all other basic and expanded basic channels continued to work fine.

One of the local channels did show up but video stuttered badly and dropped out. All others locals just showed the timeout error.

Because I could get a slight signal on one channel, I thought that somehow Wave TV had weakened the signals on those channels, but all my diagnostics said that the signal was full strength from Wave. Plus the standard cable box I also have did not have any problems on any of the channels.

I did all the usual. Power restarted everything. Had Wave TV send a reset. Swapped the known good coax on the standard cable box. Reset the cable card (pulled it out and reinserted it). Worked with Wave TV for a bit to see if they had any ideas (not a lot of expertise out there for cable card). None of this had any effect.

Finally, I went into the Main Menu of the HD Homerun and told it to rescan the channels. I fully expected the channels that were timing out or dropping out to not show up any more.

To my surprise, all the channels came back perfectly.

I didn't think that re-scanning would make a difference in what appeared to be a signal strength problem on specific channels, but that's what fixed it.

My theory is that Wave TV changed their signal in some way that the cable card did not expect on those channels. Somehow it remembered the settings for those channels through a power restart. Once it was told to check the channels again, it went through a different process and tuned into the channel correctly. If this is so, I find that an odd way for a tuner to work.

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