Many issues with HDHomeRun EXTEND that use Codec H264

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Many issues with HDHomeRun EXTEND that use Codec H264

Postby SebTardif » Tue Jan 08, 2019 1:03 pm

I have HDHomeRun EXTEND, on hardware it compress the TV recording using codec h264, see exact format below.

I have lot of different issues with viewing the recorded h264 file depending of the Plex client. For example,
1- if I use Windows 10 Plex App, the h264 file shows correctly without any extra transcoding on the server, so using “Original” in client setting.
2- However, if I use Windows 10 Chrome latest version with ‘original’ it shows lot of artifacts, and see no transcoding on server side.
3- But on the same Windows 10 Chrome if I use ‘Auto’, it select (15.7 Mbps, 1080p) and it shows perfect, and I see on server transcoding from H264 to H264.
4- On LG WebOS 3.8.0 with Plex 3.80.1 lot of artifact, pause, and sound synchronization super off with ‘original’. That Plex doesn’t have mode auto, so if I try 1080p 10 mbps, I expected to trigger conversion but not had happened, I had to try 720p to get conversion to be trigger and that workaround the issues but with visible lower quality.
5- On latest plex on latest android, I pretty much has similar issue than with Chrome on Windows 10. With original, it’s fully noise, cannot see anything, but if set to ‘auto’ it’s working.

My guess:
- Due to Chrome behavior my understanding is that the encoding done by HDHomeRun is not following the 'standard' or not what most others are really standardizing to, or is corrupted.
- Plex own decoder is very resilient compared to others decoders, like the one use on Android, Chrome, and LG WebOs, to strange version of h264 or to corruption.

Question: Is the h264 encoder in HDHomeRun known to have compatibility problem?

Plex Server Version#: Version 3.77.4

Version of HDHomeRun Extend:
Model: HDTC-2US
Device ID: 10538567
Firmware: 20180817

File info:

Codec H264

Bitrate 9807 kbps

Bit Depth 8

Chroma Location left

Chroma Subsampling 4:2:0

Closed Captions 1

Frame Rate 29.97 fps

Height 1080

Level 4.1

Profile high

Ref Frames 2

Scan Type interlaced

Stream Identifier 256

Width 1920

Display Title 1080i (H.264)

Codec AC3

Channels 6

Bitrate 384 kbps

Language English

Audio Channel Layout 5.1(side)

Sampling Rate 48000 Hz

Stream Identifier 257

Display Title English (AC3 5.1)

Codec EIA_608

Embedded In Video 1

Stream Identifier 256

Display Title Unknown (EIA_608)

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