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Postby pvcleave » Sun Dec 23, 2018 3:58 pm

When I go to I see my two tuners fine, but it says No DVR detected. The DVR service is working for me. It stopped showing up when I moved my the DVR from one PC to another. So I know I did something incorrect. I do not know if it matters, or if I may have other errors in the future.

To move the recording PC, I removed the software from one PC and installed it on another.

Any help would be appreciated

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Re: No DVR detected

Postby signcarver » Sun Dec 23, 2018 6:01 pm

What does the log of the dvr say (from the file in your recording directory)? Does it properly detect the tuners? As long as it doesn't show an error in detecting tuners or in synching with SD, it should work just fine.

Is it listed if you go to ?

The way the web site works is by getting a list of any tuner/recording engine that makes contact to SD from the same public ip, then attempts to reach each of them and reports what it reached.

For an engine to be listed there it must have a StorageID which should have been created on any engine for the past 2 years (earlier may not have and nas based may not have been able to write it to config file). Typical reasons for it not showing up there are a vpn or proxy changing your public ip from the one it registered with. And firewall/browser preventing loopback or lan access (with tuners showing up it isn't blocking lan access from browser but may be a browser issue if on same machine or firewall issue for access to the engine from that machine, try connecting by going to the ip:port listed in the log file i.e but your ip and port will be different)

Another reason would be not discovering a tuner with a valid subscription. Subnet mask errors may come into play here. Also If you subscribed to PTV, make sure you used the same email address for both.(if not open a ticket)

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