Some of us are actually happy

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Re: Some of us are actually happy

Postby ERamseth » Fri Jan 11, 2019 8:18 am

Just chiming in. I'm happy as well. Occasional quirks happen with recordings but that might have to do with fiddling with networking in the house. Not to mention that hey guess what sometimes cableco equip has quirks and screws up too. I have plenty of friends and relatives who lose ALL of their recordings because they have to swap for a new STB.

Running 2 HDHR Primes with a ShieldTV as DVR + 4TB external USB drive for well over a year, maybe 2. Before that, HDHR on windows 10 with Android app for viewing, and before that WMC on windows 7 (then 8.1) with xbox 360 as STB.

Honestly, the setup has paid for itself over and over, not having to rent equip.

Great to be able to keep all my recordings when swapping providers too (and recording settings!)

The android app might need polish, but its pretty usable.

I would count myself as happy.

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Re: Some of us are actually happy

Postby torb » Wed Jan 16, 2019 12:26 pm

I'll add my voice to this. I have some desired features and the occasional bug, of course, but for the most part have found it to be a big improvement over our previous WMC setup.

Being able to run the recording engine on a NAS instead of needing a Windows computer has improved our living room setup. Having apps that can run on multiple (reasonably priced, multi-purpose, easily available) set top boxes has been a huge win! We went through the pain of WMC Extenders and found that they never worked reliably and were expensive besides. Now we can easily and reliably watch DVR'd content on any TV in the house.

Being able to schedule recordings from the Android app on my phone has been much easier than using a TV remote, especially since it can be done while something else is actively playing on the TV.

Not to mention, all of the hardware that I've owned (HDHR-T1-US, 2x PRIME3, EXTEND) has been rock solid for years.

Overall, I'm happy with the product line and looking forward to upcoming developments!

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