Setting up LG N2R1 NAS for DVR (it works!)

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Setting up LG N2R1 NAS for DVR (it works!)

Postby acoulson2000 » Fri Oct 26, 2018 6:50 am

I successfully set up my old, arm-based LG N2R1 as an HDHomeRun DVR.

This was a little surprising given the age and capabilities - for one thing, it only has 128MB of RAM. A couple of caveats: I haven't tried two simultaneous recordings yet, nor have I tried it with Premier.

I first had to install a modified "Tantalus" firmware from this site. In addition to giving you more optional services (and the ability to add your own), this firmware allows you to SSH into the NAS - a critical part of installing the HDHomeRun Record agent. I did this a while ago and don't remember exactly what steps I went through, but the main thing is that it allowed by to login using the "admin" user and grant the necessary rights to /tmp and to an HDHomeRun directory that I created under my volume1 directory (which I then shared as a WIndows share via the web GUI).

I followed the Manual Install steps - I recommend skipping trying to use the Windows-based setup process, it will fail and isn't necessary if you walk through the whole manual process. I didn't realize that the Windows viewer doesn't find remote DVR agents, which through me off a bit, but when I tried Kodi with the HDHomeRun addin or the Android app, they both worked with the recorder.

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