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Good bye

Postby p.dang » Mon Oct 22, 2018 6:58 pm

I wanted to thank you guys for the effort but since I ever did the kickstarter backer thing being hopeful of having a WMC/**** replacement. Then seeing that there no real sight of a full dvr anytime soon after 3 years. Not seeing a true replacement of a wmc/**** from the hdhomerun app. Not seeing a channel switching between last channel or slow guide menu.

I been using myth tv since the windows XP and WMC 2005 xp. First use the ATI cable card tuner, Ceton InfiniTV 4 preorder, hdhromerun Prime. I even recently upgrade the my PC to as rock z370 mini-itx with a core i5 i use for WMC but had to stick windows 8.1 pro on there till I saw something more from SiliconDust. I even went out an bought a nvidia shield tv pro.

I ran through all the every pvr/dvr software you can find on the internet. Nothing came as good as a WMC/****/Cable dvr. It was simple to use from user to user everything was similar. I may come back to look at your software in the future.

Due to the cost of tv services with cablecards keep rising I just had to cancel everything. I went to a internet only with directvnow with the cutting the cost drastically. I would thank you guys for taking on the cable card drm. I hope you will have a successful future with the cable cards.

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