Guide listings now available for Germany and Spain

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Guide listings now available for Germany and Spain

Postby jasonl » Tue Jul 03, 2018 7:33 pm

We have updated our guide listings platform so that listings are now available for countries using DVB-T/T2/C where we have data from our listings provider but were previously unable to map listings due to providers not using virtual channel numbers, i.e. channels that show up in the 5000s and have a name in the HDHomeRun app or on the channel lineup page. This primarily applies to broadcast and cable TV in Germany and Spain, as well as some cable providers in countries like Austria and Switzerland. I've spent several hours updating listings for a variety of providers in these regions. If you see any incorrect data, please post to our Guide Issues forum at viewforum.php?f=127 and we'll do what we can to update. Please make sure to include the device ID for your HDHomeRun, your country and postal code, and specific information what listings are incorrect. Please include as much detail as possible about what the correct information is, as many of the channels have numerous regional variants and we may not always know which one is correct.

Note: this does not apply to channels where there is no channel name or number provided, such as most clear QAM channels in the US. The provider must be transmitting a name in order for listings to be mapped.

Countries in Europe we have data for: Austria, Denmark (primarily broadcast channels), Finland, France, Germany, Ireland (main broadcast channels only), Italy (limited), Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK. We are working with our guide data provider now to increase the coverage of cable channels in Denmark, as well as adding other individual channels that may not have data.

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