DRM foolishness...again...Win10

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Re: DRM foolishness...again...Win10

Postby Zone99 » Sun Mar 11, 2018 8:29 am

I'm not getting diagnostic data from the app, but if you're getting HDCP errors, that means your system is reporting that HDCP isn't available. This is something we've seen a fair bit of recently with NVIDIA, like they broke something in a driver update. You might try going back to an older driver version.

I'll start from scratch and uninstall, reinstall, rescan, etc. I checked the settings and it looks like diagnostic data was ticked to off. It must have reset when I ran through options again. Sorry about that.

I'll update drivers, reinstall HDHomeRun and try again and report back. I don't know why it suddenly went to HDCP problems on all DRM channels. It was either working or I was getting timeout errors and I haven't changed the cables or anything.

Very frustrating.


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Re: DRM foolishness...again...Win10

Postby jasonl » Mon Mar 12, 2018 2:02 pm

This is something we've seen a fair bit of recently with NVIDIA, like they broke something in a driver update.
The question (with nVidia) is not whether they broke something with an update, but what is broken this time, and whether one is impacted. That said, there was a rumor that the latest (well, pre Vulkan 1.1 release latest) fixed some HDCP issues. So the OP may need to try more than a few recent versions to see if the problem can be mitigated in their environment. And, sometimes, it is the monitor, or the cable, that is the cause (and nVidia is being blamed erroneously).
Fair enough. Also might be worth applying the registry tweak to disable driver updates via Windows Update so all the hard work in finding a good version doesn't get reverted when WU decides you need a new driver.

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Re: DRM foolishness...again...Win10

Postby gtb » Mon Mar 12, 2018 2:19 pm

Fair enough.
FWIW, I was feeling especially peevish regarding the Linux 390.25 drivers, which turned mostly functional systems to unusable depending on what GPU you were using (and, lucky me, I have three legacy GK208 cards in use).

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