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Download - 20230503

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Latest downloads:

HDHomeRun Software:
Windows: ... s_beta.exe
Mac: ... c_beta.dmg

App downloads:
macOS: Included with HDHomeRun software
iOS TestFlight beta group:
Android - Google Play: ... ndust.view
Android - Amazon: ... 01MSBCRDY/
Android APK (for sideloading): ... d_beta.apk
Samsung WGT (for sideloading): ... _tizen.wgt

NAS/Linux (manual install): ... linux_beta
FreeBSD (manual install): ... eebsd_beta
Asustor: ... r_beta.apk
Synology: ... y_beta.spk
WDC MyCloud (multi-disk) app:

DVR - upgrading from a previous release:
If you are using a multi-disk MyCloud, please install the app from the link above. If you are using a single-disk MyCloud or other NAS, please install the latest Windows software and then run the NAS installer again from the DVR tab in HDHomeRun Setup.

HDHomeRun DVR features require a subscription to the DVR service and a compatible HDHomeRun device.
To purchase a DVR subscription.: