Subtitles are always on by default on app load

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Re: Subtitles are always on by default on app load

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For some months now, my DVR playback defaults to subtitles enabled with HDHomeRun. If this actually will be resolved with a pending update, fine, I'll wait. If you need a guinee pig for testing this fix, I think you know where to find me...
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Re: Subtitles are always on by default on app load

Post by signcarver »

For me its the opposite and I hate it as I want them always on and the android devices will no longer maintain that setting (windows app appears to remember such setting but I came across something that I was able to reproduce a few times but did not seem consistent enough to warrant its own post yet in that if the computer was muted by a key press prior to launching app, that key to unmute it appears to then mute the app wehn the sound gets turned on, I will have to play with such setting with control master volume on and off). This behavior of remembering previous in android seemed to switch when they put out a fix for certain TVs that didn't "have" a passthrough setting but volume is controlled by TV (similar to passthrough) rather than by app.

It is "expected" that on mute captions should show and for those devices it behaved as if it wasn't always picking up the volume level so app thought it was muted.

Please put in UI the choice for starting behavior of captions and hopefully while at it extra points for font selection, transparency, color, and size and getting at least some captions/subtitles to show up on ATSC 3.0 channels (i.e. some may have captions that even vlc picks up and those captions work with Channels while other channels may have subtitles that can have many variants until things get more standardized)

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Re: Subtitles are always on by default on app load

Post by 321liftoff »

Still a problem for me, at least 3 months now. Happening consistently without change.

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