BeagleBox HTPC

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BeagleBox HTPC

Post by techpro2004 »

Seeing as how Silicondust does not offer anything like this, I figured it would be ok to post here.

I am working on designing a ~$300 HTPC intel x64 based, gpu transcode enabled with a 2tb Hard drive (user upgradeable), a custom full linux os (user upgradeable to windows 7-11) and kodi/emby playback out of the box. Did I mention it comes with the HDHomerun dvr preinstalled so all you have to do is turn it on and enjoy. This system is designed to be user friendly and has 3xPcie ports all easily accessible. It also supports power on by usb so you can turn it on with your favorite remote/air mouse/mini touchpad. I tested it with my prime and playback/transcode is flawless. I already have a prototype built and up and running and will start listing them for sale soon. Each unit is hand built and takes some time to assemble.

Is anyone interested?

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Re: BeagleBox HTPC

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That sounds cool, but generally we don't let people do "business" on the forums. A mention of the product in passing is one thing, but any arrangements and exchanges of money should happen off the forum.