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PLEX Server

Post by MBrown2020 »

If I were to use a PLEX server instead of the HDHomerun Scribe DVR, would I still be able to record TV to the Scribe's harddrive? Could I then access the recordings on the Scribe's harddrive to stream to the PLEX app on FireTV, Shield Pro, etc. ?

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Re: PLEX Server

Post by signcarver »

no (assuming you mean from plex) as there currently isn't any way to write to the drive other than it's recording software or popping the drive out and attaching it to something that can read/write to an xfs drive (i.e. a properly configured linux pc). As far as I know plex has never incorporated a method to retrieve the recorded_files.json yet alone traverse it with the new way it works to play content off it. It will still work as far as the tuner goes and/or as far as it's own dvr goes but plex often isn't very friendly when it comes to sharing tuners.

Note they may come out with a firmware update to allow it be accessed as a more standard share but I wouldn't look at using such with a different server with the 10/100 network port the scribe/servio use.

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Re: PLEX Server

Post by NedS »

We hope to have an update out in the future that will add network file sharing support (possibly WebDAV, IIRC), and once that's added it would be possible for Plex to access it. However, you would still need a separate device to actually run the Plex server software.

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Re: PLEX Server

Post by jasonl »

Be aware that Microsoft's WebDAV client uses a 32 bit integer for the file size, so it can't send or receive files over 4GB. Typical Microsoft idiocy.

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