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JRiver Media Center

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Some of you probably know that JRiver has supported SiliconDust hardware for many years. I'm Jim Hillegass, JRiver's CEO. JimH on our forum.

Our Television board is here:
https://yabb.jriver.com/interact/index. ... ,11.0.html

Yaobing is our primary developer for TV. Hendrik aka nevcairiel is our primary video person and the keeper of the LAV filters.

Last year we added support for SiliconDust streaming with UPnP. We've done UPnP / DLNA for about 15 years.

We can use madVR automatically:

JRiver has a ten foot mode called Theater View:

It supports the Windows green button type Media Center Remotes and has multiple software solutions for remote control.

MCWS is our developer API:

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