Tivimate Error

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Tivimate Error

Post by mull »

I am getting the error "An error occurred: code 404" in Tivimate when I access any HDhomerun channels. Tivimate 4.5 is running on a Shield Pro 2019. My m3u file has worked for a couple years and just stopped working. My HDhomerun is the Quatro. Does anyone have an idea how to fix?

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Re: Tivimate Error

Post by Ken.F »

Did the IP address of your HDHomeRun tuner change? If so the IP addresses in the m3u file will no longer point to your tuner device.

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Re: Tivimate Error

Post by jasonl »

404 is "not found". That means the channel you're trying to access isn't in the HDHomeRun's channel lineup

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