Xfinity Stream FireTV

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Xfinity Stream FireTV

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I just got off the phone with Xfinity to order my second cable cable card for the additional Prime I ordered this month. I was hoping the 6 tuner would have gone through so I wouldn't have to, but while on the phone with the tech, he notified me that the Xfinity Stream App is now available on FireTV. this is a nice since my Samsung TV does not support their APP (by one year version ughh) and I despise Roku. I can now devote my most of my tuners to the DVR and still expand my viewing abilities through the house without any tuner conflict. Just wanted to let everyone know it is available now so you may do the same.

Of course, I do not know how long it will remain free for, as Xfinity has made mention in the past they may charge as an additional outlet fee in the future for the APP.

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