Scribe Quatro and Plex server access recordings

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Re: Scribe Quatro and Plex server access recordings

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Question: (related to the post)
I have a Scribe Quatro and Duo (really liking them). So I have a 2 terrabytes of storage and the DVR service from SD is great. I'm trying Plex tonight as I am going on the road for the weekend. From what I read above and what I am seeing, the two systems really don't talk together. What I mean, all my recordings managed by SD will not be available on Plex. If I record on Plex those will not be available on the SD Firestick application... Ok, since I mostly purchased the SD for my home use, that's ok... not optimal. Do I have that right?

Now, when on the road... if I make the same recordings of news which I regularly watch on Plex.... I expect I'll cause conflicts in the tuner availability... ouch. Am I right on that?

Any tips on the best experience would be appreciated. For now, I'll experiment. Optimally, if I want my local news while on the road, I'd like to be able to get my shows. Otherwise, I'd also like to be able to watch some of the recordings I've collected while on the road...also.

I guess the optimal would be that the drives would be made available to Plex or control of SD could be remotely controlled some how.

I'd be interested in hearing tips. thx.

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