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Plex, ROKU & HomeRun - Audio & TV Guide

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I have been using HomeRun for over a year now and have just lived with some bugs, until now.

I am running a Plex Server and using Roku sticks to view content from Plex - and it all works perfectly... except...

Where I am (UK) we have a number of channels transmitted in standard and HD - one is BBC1... the HomeRun tuner correctly identifies channel 1 as BBC1 SD and 101 as BBC1 HD. However there is no sound on channel 1 - only on 101. Normally this isnt a problem but at certain times of the day programs can only be viewed on channel 1 (BBC1 SD) and not on 101 (BBC1 HD). An example of this is our regional news broadcasts... so it means we can never watch these programs as there is no sound.

I thought I would try to view BBC1 SD from Plex on my PC today, to try and prove if its Plex, Roku or HomeRun thats the issue, and when I select it I get video without audio - but I was able to select a different audio stream and it worked... so I was wondering if anyone knows how to fix this issue using Roku sticks?

Also on some channels instead of seeing the program listing it shows random descriptions... e.g. there is a program I wanted to record tonight, but in the channel listings it is described as "Channel 5 Programming"... which is vague and it should say the program title... is there a way to choose a different channel guide import?

I know this is two separate issues - but any pointers would be great as at the moment I am thinking of getting rid of HomeRun!!


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