On FireTV app - live TV audio intermittantly "pauses" for a few seconds

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On FireTV app - live TV audio intermittantly "pauses" for a few seconds

Post by andyaz50 »

Might be the same as "dropping out" but that wouldn't seem temporary. Anyway, video is unaffected but audio stops for a few seconds, then starts where it stopped, so nothing is lost, and oddly, a/v synch seems to maintain as well as usual. FireTV Stick is new but not 4K and HDHomerun app is version 20200615. Failing to see a way to check for updates, I looked at info for a new install and found:

What's new in version: 20200615 (Jun 23, 2020)
Address a/v sync issues with play/pause.
Fix audio buffer under-run seen on some stick devices causing drop outs.

Seems like the fixes are for the same or close to the problem I'm experiencing. The "pauses" get gradually longer until some audio is lost. At this point, without ever intentionally pausing, the live tv is maybe a couple minutes behind real time. I don't really like so seldom watch live tv (gee, all I'd need is a tv) so I don't know how long this has been happening or if it's the same as the recent "sound intermittently drops out" problem with win10 app. I tried force stopping and relaunching the app and deleting the cache but neither helped. Seems like video is "running slow" and audio is trying to remain in synch, but always have a good signal and never see any buffering pauses.

Incidentally, checking one of my win10 computers, no audio pausing, but live tv won't play for more than an hour or so before it just freezes completely (pauses on its own?). Restarts at current time by clicking on options, then live. Tried clicking on same channel but not play/pause. Oops! Just now froze again after restarting about 5 minutes ago and play/pause had no effect. App is current version but firmware is probably several years old and don't know how to update. Live TV really isn't too important to me, but like windshield wipers in Phoenix, occasionally, you really want them to work.

Found a new thread for the second problem in HDHR hardware setup forum and posted there. Apparently, firmware must auto-update.


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Re: On FireTV app - live TV audio intermittantly "pauses" for a few seconds

Post by NedS »

Sounds like a different issue. The issue in the change log was for when the stream was paused with the remote control, then unpaused, then audio would drift.

Let's get some data for this issue:
  1. Please go to the http://my.hdhomerun.com/ site
  2. Click your HDHomeRun's device ID
  3. If it tells you that a firmware update is available, please install it
  4. Click System Status
  5. Check the Send diagnostic information box
  6. Go back one page
  7. Click Channel Lineup
  8. Click on Detect Channels
  9. After the scan finishes, open the HDHomeRun app
  10. Go into the app settings: the gear icon in the top right corner of the "Live/Recorded/Discover/Tasks" page
  11. Enable the option to Send diagnostic information
  12. Watch a problem channel for at least 10 minutes

Reply back to this post and provide us the device ID of your HDHomeRun and we will check the logs. You can find the device ID at the top of the my.hdhomerun.com web page as well as on a label on the bottom of the HDHomeRun itself.

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