Roku HDHomeRun channel list

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Roku HDHomeRun channel list

Post by JesseFredJames »

I know Prime is not supported by the HDHomeRun Roku app, but I guess I am one of the lucky ones as it seems to work for me.

Except for one big issue, the app does not use my favorite channel list, for this reason, it makes it unusable. The channel scan sees all 385 channels but since I can't enter a channel number scrolling through 250 channels to get to the HD versions is not feasible. Every time you open the Roku HDHomeRun app it starts at channel 1 I have to scroll to channel 250 to watch. Leave the app and I have to start over on channel 1!

Maybe this is the reason the Prime version is not supported on the Roku. Do other HomeRun devices have the same issue on the Roku?

I am relatively new to Roku so maybe I'm using it wrong?


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Re: Roku HDHomeRun channel list

Post by signcarver »

The reason why the prime isn't "supported" is that roku has a terrible player and anything it plays uses that terrible player and most cable systems will have quite a few channels that simply will crash that piece of #$%^& player as it does that with any issue it may have with the stream. There is nothing wrong with what the cable systems are doing as it is in spec of mpeg2 and ts to allow such things but roku supports mpeg2 and ts very poorly which is The TV Standard in the US. As a result, roku is a very poor choice for TV content (though can be a good choice for many for internet content that was designed with roku in mind). There are a couple of OTA stations that will occasionally do the same things but the number is so few that most will never see such on the OTA capable tuners.

Favorites are not supported (yet) on any of SD's software offerings with the exception of telling the DVR engine which channel number (not device) to prefer when the same program comes on at the same time.

I do not know what limitations roku currently has for channels in regards to storage on the device to remember such a last channel number that would allow SD to do such (at one time they didn't allow such) however even if they don't it may be possible for SD to store such server side in a future offering.

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