USB 3.0 HDD Enclosures for Plex?

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USB 3.0 HDD Enclosures for Plex?

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Are there any cons to using a USB 3.0 multi-HDD enclosure for media storage ( for example) if my computer is always on anyways? Using a Shield for local network playback.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: USB 3.0 HDD Enclosures for Plex?

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If you want something inexpensive (less than $50). I've had a HornetTek X2-U3, JBOD, USB 3.0, SATA I/II, 3.5in, Dual Bay Hard Drive Enclosure with two 3TB magnetic hard drives mirrored (RAID 1) installed for years. The fan noise isn't too bad. The RAID setup is with some internal switches. The fan did fail on it (easily replaced if you are a little tech) after about a year.

It's attached to a Lenovo Win 10 NUC (small form factor) PC (SSD for the operating system) that is dedicated as the always-on PVR/SD HDHR cable card recorder and storage.

I use a different PC for playback so I can put the high power using video/audio card PC to sleep when not used. I also use the the playback PC for my music system (Foobar 2000 based) and streaming services.

Costs me about $10/month in electricity to run the dual PC setup (not counting the TV) with about 3 hours a day of playback (we have high 30 cents per KWH electric rate in CA).

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