HDHomeRun Prime across a VPN

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Re: HDHomeRun Prime across a VPN

Post by romeo87 »

Hey guys,

No one has hints on this?

I’d need some guidance to get also the EPG guide info for my channels... As far as I understand I should modify the M3U? And what about channel logos?


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Re: HDHomeRun Prime across a VPN

Post by rpmccormick »

So it seems people are getting this working with VLC and Kodi, but with a lot of effort. Has nobody simply got this working with VPN.

My phone is always connected via OpenVPN to my home network. This is primarily so my PiHole will block Ads on my phone browser. I leave it connected at home as well, because if I don't IPv6 ads get through (my google fiber box won't let me disable IPv6) but with OpenVPN connected, PiHole blocks them all. My Raspberry Pi 3b runs both the PiHole and my OpenVPN server. It is connected to an ASUS mesh-node, connected to an ASUS mesh-ap, connected to the Google Fiber box. The Google Fiber box has wifi disabled but is the DHCP server and uses the PiHole IP as the DNS server (which works for any PC with IPv6 disabled). I don't know how to disable IPv6 on Android, but I don't need to with always-on VPN forcing IPv4 only. The Google Fiber box also forwards the port for OpenVPN. The HDHR box, a FingBox, many home-automation hubs (HUE, Insteon, ISY, Logitech, Bond, Obi, etc), and many PCs are all connected to the ASUS mesh-ap or one of its 2 mesh-nodes.

I rarely but sometimes watch HDHR on my phone using the stock HDHR app... but it won't work with OpenVPN connected, even at home on my WiFi. So, the only time I disable OpenVPN on my phone is when I am at home and want to watch HDHR on my phone. This is very annoying, and also I have no way to watch HDHR on my phone when not at home.

I do not have any issue with any other app... they all work as if I am on my home WiFi over OpenVPN if I am home or not. I don't want to pay for any monthly service or use any other app, I just want the HDHR app to work over OpenVPN if I am home or not, like everything else I use. Is that really not possible? Why? Can't someone hack a version of the HDHR app and/or make custom OpenVPN settings to allow this? If nobody has, is it theoretically possible? If not, why not? Thanks

(It is so lame that this doesn't just work... I have lots of other devices that all work fine without having to disable my always-on VPN. SD needs to fix this!)

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Re: HDHomeRun Prime across a VPN

Post by jasonl »

Android's VpnService, which OpenVPN uses, only supports routed/"tun" VPNs. This puts the VPN client on a separate subnet from the main network the VPN server is on, and thus blocks broadcast-based discovery that the HDHomeRun app uses. VPN Client Pro claims to support OpenVPN "tap"/bridged VPNs without requiring root, and that could potentially allow discovery to work. I haven't used this app and am not vouching for it, just suggesting it as something you might want to try.

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Re: HDHomeRun Prime across a VPN

Post by trakz »

I'm using a userspace implementation of Wireguard inside a Docker container (no host kernel changes required), and that works well for phone/laptop and all the apps (HDHomeRun, Channels, Plex, etc).

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Re: HDHomeRun Prime across a VPN

Post by rpmccormick »

Thanks! VPN Client Pro works... Kinda.

If on my wifi, with vpn on, it works! Yay, now I can have always on vpn and still use the HDHR app at home.

If on 4g, the HDHR app won't run (dumb).

If I run it on wifi, then turn off wifi, it says all tuners are in use and won't work (why? Strange error)

I will try it on some other wifi when I can.

Thanks for the tip.

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Re: HDHomeRun Prime across a VPN

Post by KNKLHEAD »

I have experimented with JellyFin (free). Because we have HDHomerun, it is almost a no-brainer, very easy to set up. Because my library file (in data directory) was getting HUGE and locking up hard drive space, I decided to not get guide info from Channels Direct, which seems to help. I have remote access by browser to live TV (*think football games) for my remote family member -- no guide, just TV channels. I have also just turned on recorded file access. Pretty darn simple. However, I am having some random access issues from time to time and wondering if EMBY would be more secure.

Yes, I have thought about VPN-ing, etc. -- but honestly, Emby/Jellyfin is THAT easy. Be sure to open up your ports on the router. My router also lets me "host" the JellyFin as a website for free.

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