Plex and two HDHRs - A tale of two cities

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Plex and two HDHRs - A tale of two cities

Post by tornadotj »

I don't think this is possible, but I was just thinking - since I have two HDHRs, and because I live pretty much equidistant between two major cities, it would be nice if it was possible to have an antenna and HDHR for each market at the same time. I'm afraid it's not possible in Plex, and may not even be possible with the HDHR tuner application. Has anyone tried this, and if so did it work or not work?

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Re: Plex and two HDHRs - A tale of two cities

Post by jasonl »

The HDHomeRun app/DVR works fine in that situation, nothing special needed except maybe marking certain stations as favorites so they are preferred for recording (e.g. if you're between DC and Baltimore, you may prefer NBC and CBS recordings from Baltimore and PBS from DC since they're less compressed than their counterparts in the other city). Plex will only work if you can find a zip code that has listings for all the stations involved, so it may take some trial and error to find one, especially if you're not in a really obvious halfway city like Laurel, MD, or Princeton, NJ.

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Re: Plex and two HDHRs - A tale of two cities

Post by pixelstuff »

I think the Channels DVR gives you separate guide listings for separate devices. Too bad Plex doesn't do this.

Some did find a hack though to get it kinda working on Plex. Barely. ... 192844/191

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