WMC DVR Audio Stutter on a single channel

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WMC DVR Audio Stutter on a single channel

Post by yodaut » Tue Sep 17, 2019 10:44 pm

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Howdy all,

Long story short, I've started recording re-runs of Law & Order from the Sundance channel from my local Spectrum provider.

I get horrible intermittent audio stuttering (along with a bit of video speedup?) while watching, but the subtitles/captions seem to be fine.
(I have to turn captions on to keep up with what is going on in certain scenes.)

Normal scheduled recordings from any other channel that i've noticed (TBS, Comedy Central, NBC, FOX, HBO, Cartoon Network) do not seem to exhibit this same behavior.

I believe the audio stuttering is introduced at record time, as I can rewind/fast forward/whatever and the audio issues occur at the same moment regardless of the playback circumstances.

Quick specs:
All devices that record TV are wired in with 1 Gbps cabling/switches.
WMC on fully patched Windows 7
HDR-PRIME3 + Up-to-Date Firmware
TV Signal strengths per SD apps appear to be strong
Watching recorded TV through XB360 WMC receiver
Provider is Spectrum so DRM is in the mix (but once again, only these recordings seem to show this behavior.)

It's annoying, but not a show-stopper.

Any ideas?

I can provide any more relevant details as requested.

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Re: WMC DVR Audio Stutter on a single channel

Post by jasonl » Wed Sep 18, 2019 1:36 pm

Does everything on Sundance have the same issue?

Do you see the same issues watching directly on the PC?

Any issues watching live TV on that channel, either in WMC or the HDHomeRun app on a platform that supports DRM?

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