Synology DS209 NAS - 3rd Party DVR Options

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Synology DS209 NAS - 3rd Party DVR Options

Postby sushi714 » Thu Nov 29, 2018 1:47 pm

Hey everyone,

Long time user of HDHomeRun DVR using my 3-tuner HDHR Prime, but wanted to know if anyone was aware of a third party option that has as "lean" of a DVR server package -- really have only done a small bit of reading on PLEX, Channels, and Emby, since those seem to be the most popular third party options. My DS209 is pretty weak in terms of processing power and RAM (1.2 GHz CPU and 256 MB RAM), but HDHR DVR still runs fine with it.

I actually was able to test PLEX DVR, since I have an old Windows HTPC and previously purchased a lifetime PLEX Pass, but I wasn't thrilled that I was forced to save my recordings to my TV Library (HDHR DVR has always allowed me to keep my Movies and TV Show downloads separate from my DVR recordings) nor was I happy with the fact that my recordings seemed to skip -- not sure why this happened, given that I wasn't using transcoding and the HTPC isn't that old (i3-550 dual-core Clarkdale, at least 4 GB RAM, SSD for system and using Synology NAS for networked recording storage). Haven't tested Channels DVR, but I'm not sure how safe an install on my NAS would be, given that my NAS only has half of the minimum RAM requirement of 512 MB. Out of the three options, I know least about Emby, aside from the fact that I know I'd have to use that HTPC to run the DVR server.

Any suggestions on a good solution that'll work for me or maybe even some advice on how to optimize my PLEX setup so maybe it records properly?

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