Roku interface overhaul?

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Roku interface overhaul?

Post by jburman »

I am curious as to whether there is an overhaul planned for the Roku interface for the HDHR app? In it's current state its not a great experience. Will it ever to get to a point where the interface will be like every other platform's app (slice view, DVR functionality,etc...)?



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Re: Roku interface overhaul?

Post by JDazell »

Dude, search this forum. The answer is a definite NO. And it is not SDs fault.

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Re: Roku interface overhaul?

Post by NedS »

While there are certain limitations on the Roku platform, we do endeavor to improve where possible. Most of the other platforms benefit from basically sharing the same UI, which allows faster development. Roku and Apple TV are two official clients that require significant platform-specific UI work, and the Roku has some particular limitations, but there are things we can look into.

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Re: Roku interface overhaul?

Post by NatHillIV »

I can report that my older model Panasonic TVs either can not receive or can not do anything with audio from the Roku HD App.
Dead silence.
That is true even with a new Ultra Roku.
Not mad or trying to assess blame, just disappointed.
Anything Silicon Dust can do to make things work would be appreciated.

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