WMC running on Win7 VM

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Re: WMC running on Win7 VM

Postby SpencerC » Thu Oct 11, 2018 11:48 am

Yes... since it is a win 7 vm any should work (provided not h.264, only xbox or echo support h.264 however comcast often encodes their h.264 so it doesn't work on an extender). There are much easier ways to get wmc on win 10 when not concerned with drm.

Edit: reread your post, pc's are not extenders if that is what you are asking.
Yes that is what I was asking, so its a no go to get my PC as an extender. OK. I had WMC running on my Win10 machine, but every update broke it. I even had the Windows Update service disabled and MS somehow managed to update my machine. The last anniversary update updated playready and now WMC can no longer see the HDHomeRun Prime cable card tuner. I've been running the HDHomeRun app with DVR service as an alternative to WMC, but I am so frustrated with the UI that I am trying to get back to WMC without going back to Win7. Thanks for your assistance SignCarver!

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