TVMosaic now supports hardware transcoding

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TVMosaic now supports hardware transcoding

Postby daurora58 » Fri Aug 10, 2018 4:29 am

The latest build of TVMosaic build (Build: 16509) enables hardware accelerated transcoding on a number of supported platforms; namely: Windows, Ubuntu/Debian and Synology/Netgear/QNAP/Asustor NAS products.

The following list describes the TVMosaic usecases in which ffmpeg is used:

Convert recording to (h264/aac) mp4.
Generate thumbnail from recording.
Convert live TV to (h264/aac) transport stream.
Convert live TV to HLS.
Convert recording to HLS.

Users can easily enable hardware accelerated transcoding in TVMosaic with just a few steps within the server application.

For the enthusiasts, they have created a special transcoding infrastructure, which enables the easy addition of hardware transcoding using other available techniques or adaptation of existing transcoding mechanisms to the actual platform specifics. The detailed how-to is available on the TVMosaic Wiki site.

This feature has been a long requested user request, and finally it is here!

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