HDHomerun listings passed to Amazon Fire TV Guide

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HDHomerun listings passed to Amazon Fire TV Guide

Postby caddyskack » Sun Mar 11, 2018 6:03 pm

I want to start by apologizing if someone has asked about this, but I have searched both the forums and the internet in general and have no found a solution/answer.

My understanding is that the Fire TV edition Element TV's have had a grid style guide provided to them for antennae based programs since last summer. Additionally, I have read that the Fire TV dongle will now show live TV listings for for subscribed channels. The channel slicer guide works okay, and the Plex guide is suitable, but the grid is still easiest for most users.

Is there any plans or indication out there that the HDHomerun listings could be pushed to the Fire TV program grid now or in the future? My Nexus Players are starting to get a little old and it seems like that would be the best solution. I know the Channels app is now available, but I am curious to see if there will be a built in solution within Amazon's software.


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