Tuner Locking

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Tuner Locking

Post by walkerx »

I have noticed that if certain apps lock the tuner and then crash, the tuner stays locked.

If I then unlock and close the stream it disappears for a few minutes but then shows again in the tuner status and only way is for it to be rebooted

Is there a way to find out exactly which app causes the lock? As in the options it only shows the ip of the device for the resource lock which always shows the server ip where Emby, Plex, Channels DVR and HDHR DVR software installed.

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Re: Tuner Locking

Post by nickk »

If the tuner is being retuned a few minutes later it suggests one of the app you are using is recording something or doing a background scan for guide data without you knowing.

When you next see the problem to disabling the services one by one and see which one releases the tuner.


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