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no channels found - mrskot

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I'm having the same issue. HDHR Quattro Connect

Working fine for over a year and then a couple nights ago, no channel lineup. I have a ticket into support.

I can run a scan from the Terminal on my Mac and see the OTA channel information. I can even use the command line to manually tune to a station and stream to my laptop using VLP to view it.

When I execute the command for the channel lineup it goes to 100% immediately and reports 'no channels found'.

From the web interface the same behavior. I click the SCAN button and maybe it looks like it's scanning and then it will freeze. Or it goes to 97% immediately, then completes and reports 'no channels' found.

It just doesn't fetch or retain the channel lineup.

Switched over to an alternate source that streams my local OTA channels until this gets resolved.

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