recent signal loss on some channels - help

Reception, channel detection, network issues, CableCARD setup, etc.
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recent signal loss on some channels - help

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Since August 2019 I've been using a Clearstream 4 Max antenna and an HD Homerun HDHR5-4US with good results. Recently I've had trouble receiving my main channels solidly, with breakups, pixelation and electronic sounds. Most of the sub-channels are unaffected. In the channel monitor software, the signal strength and quality percentages are high. I do have a line of trees 200 yards from me towards the towers (I am 20 miles north of Pittsburgh), so I suppose the trees being in full bloom could be a problem. I don't know whether to get a pre-amp for the antenna, raise the antenna (current height is 22 feet) or if my HD unit is failing. Any ideas ?

I have checked "Send Diagnostic Information" Firmware version is 20210224 and the device ID is 10781D52

Thanks in advance for any help you may provide.

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Re: recent signal loss on some channels - help

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I'm sure someone from SD will check your logs at some point, but usually if you have problems with the main networks but not the SD subchannels, it's a problem with your network connection rather than your reception. HD channels take a lot more bits than SD channels, so if you have a flaky network than can deliver x bits per second, and x is in between the rate of SD channels and HD channels, then SD will work but not HD. This can either be on the device you're watching on, or more commonly, on something else that you installed the software on and enabled the DVR on by mistake. The app will always buffer through a DVR if one is available, and if that one is on wifi, then the combined hit of the stream going to it then back out can easily exceed the available capacity. If you go into the HDHomeRun app, go to the L/R/D/T screen, select the gear, then Devices, it will tell you what it sees on your network. If you see a DVR there and you don't use the DVR, that's where you want to start looking.

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