Firmware Bricked My Box

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Firmware Bricked My Box

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To start off I have a Connect Duo Hardware Model HDHR5-2US Firmware Version 20210224. This morning I started having audio problem on my Roku or the lack of any sound at all. Picture but no sound. The same was on my Android TV box. On both TV's I also have firesticks connected & they both worked. I also made sure that the input with just the antenna had sound too. Something all of the sudden has happened & I can't figure it out. Up until two ago I didn't have this issue. I saw that there was a firmware update on the connect duo so I updated it a few minutes ago & now I have nothing. It says the tuner has failed. Am I totally screwed now?

19700101-00:00:00 System: reset reason = power on
19700101-00:00:04 System: network link 100f
19700101-00:00:05 System: ip address obtained: /
20210528-19:22:00 System: time changed from Thu Jan 1 00:00:21 1970 to Fri May 28 19:22:00 2021
20210528-19:22:13 Tuner: invalid channel 2.1 CBS2-HD (8vsb:207MHz-1)
20210528-19:22:13 HTTP: rejecting request from - tune failed
20210528-19:40:23 Tuner: invalid channel 9.1 WGN (8vsb:503MHz-3)
20210528-19:40:23 HTTP: rejecting request from - tune failed
20210528-19:40:46 Tuner: invalid channel 26.1 CW26 (8vsb:527MHz-3)
20210528-19:40:46 HTTP: rejecting request from - tune failed

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Re: Firmware Bricked My Box

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Quick thing first - try running a new channel scan on the Channel Lineup page.


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