CableCard only loading 50 channels

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CableCard only loading 50 channels

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Hello all,
I recently purchased and installed the HDHOMERUN prime.
I live on Long Island and receive my service via Optimum.
I got their cable card and went through all the steps to validate but it only loads 50 channels.
Like a basic channel package. (None of the channels numbers line up with what my cable boxes have)
I explained what device I’m using and they (Optimum) keep referring to it as a TiVo.
Apparently, Optimum has a TiVo tech department that is supposed to get back to me since the tech person on the phone exhausted all her options.
Anyone have experience with this?
Is there something on my end that I can do?
They offered to send a tech to my house (on my dime) but I don’t see the point.
Any help or guidance is greatly appreciated.


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