HDHomeRun Flex Duo and Win 7

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HDHomeRun Flex Duo and Win 7

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I am looking to purchase a HDHomeRun Flex Duo to replace a very old one that I've been running for years on my Win 7 based system. Will the new Flex Duo work on a Win 7 system?
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Re: HDHomeRun Flex Duo and Win 7

Post by signcarver »

The tuner part works the same as any other HDHomeRun (both legacy and modern methods). I was able to get it up and running on my win 7 system that hasn't got any of SD's updates in a couple of years (setup detected such just fine my only issue was WMC didn't detect the tuners that were in use at the time and with 30+ tuners being detected it takes forever so won't be adding those in any time soon).

If you wish to attach a USB drive and use SDs DVR service, you would generally use kodi on windows 7 with the unofficial add-on as SD doesn't have DVR support with win 7.

Note if you get a 4K, rather than duo, I wouldn't expect the ATSC3 stations to work well with win 7 but the other stations should work fine.

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