hdhomerun_config_gui for macOS

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hdhomerun_config_gui for macOS

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In earlier versions of HDHomerun.app for macOS, I was able to run hdhomerun_config_gui from within the HDHomerun.app at /Applications/HDHomeRun.app/Contents/hdhomerun_config_gui. In current versions of the software, this is no longer present, and the older version will not run in macOS Big Sur or Catalina. Is there a newer version for Mac that will both run on current versions of macOS and will support the HDHR 4K?

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Re: hdhomerun_config_gui for macOS

Post by signcarver »

hdhomerun_config_gui (gtk) won't work on mac (and I believe it has been longer than what you stated as a post in development stated a date around 2016).

I don't remember if they updated hdhomerun_config on the mac to use the various plp's... but generally still works even if they didn't what exactly are you trying to determine with such.

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Re: hdhomerun_config_gui for macOS

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It would probably be easier for SD's app guy to write a new native app from scratch than it would be to replace the GTK library in the Mac version with a newer one that is 64 bit compatible and update the app to support the new features. It has been mentioned that his priority right now is updating the Apple TV app to have feature parity with the apps on the other platforms, and I think most people would see that as a higher priority project than a signal monitoring tool.

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