Issues since 20200907 Firmware upgrade - BenjyvC

Reception, channel detection, network issues, CableCARD setup, etc.
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Issues since 20200907 Firmware upgrade - BenjyvC

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Okay, so the good news is I'm not alone, this very behavior being described more or less mirrors my own experience since the firmware upgrade. I can put up with this kind of thing for a week or two or even three, but at some point...

It's been frustrating getting slow responses to trouble tickets, SiliconDust is possibly overloading too much work on one support tech, so it appears. And if a firmware upgrade introduces widespread performance issues, are they equally under-resourcing their dev team and not providing the conditions for thorough testing before release? Let's hope we see some action sooner than later, lest a plummeting consumer confidence trips an exodus to alternatives, leaving the company with yet fewer resources to provide a patch. Don't mean to harsh, but just being real, this isn't sustainable.

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Re: Issues since 20200907 Firmware upgrade - BenjyvC

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I split your post to a new thread because you responded to a old thread referencing firmware that is no longer current.

Happy to help - which HDHomeRun model, what client device, and what specific issue are you experiencing?


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