Limit to One Device

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Limit to One Device

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I have both a Duo and a Prime device on my network. I would like to use the Prime with the HDHR app, and already have the Duo configured in Plex. However, when I start the app it automatically discovers, and utilizes, both devices. Is there a way I can limit the app to only use the Prime device? Thanks!

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Re: Limit to One Device

Post by signcarver »

SD's philosophy is all tuners available to all at all times on your network... first come, first served. Typically the prime will have different channel numbers (unless clear qam). I don't know if plex is 100% dependent on the scan (they used to not be) and if it isn't you could just disable the channels on the tuner you want for plex... plex, at least in the past, didn't like multiple lineups.

You could also put the device's on different networks as there are ways to make plex work with multiple subnets and vlans.

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