HDHR Prime on Win10 2016 LTSB

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HDHR Prime on Win10 2016 LTSB

Post by Whiznot »

Please help me if you are able. I've been using the Kodi addon to watch TV from my HDHR Prime on Windows 10 2016 LTSB. I don't want to install the Microsoft app store. Is there a developer mode on my version of Windows that would let me install the HDHR software that I used on Windows 7? If so, please advise how to find the developer mode option on 2016 LTSB.

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Re: HDHR Prime on Win10 2016 LTSB

Post by NedS »

You can try sideloading the UWP app:

To enable sideloading: Open the Windows 10 "Settings" from the Start menu → Update & Security → For developers → turn on "Developer mode", then run the HDHomeRun software for Windows installer. After installation you can turn off Developer mode for increased security.

HDHomeRun Windows installer: https://download.silicondust.com/hdhome ... indows.exe

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Re: HDHR Prime on Win10 2016 LTSB

Post by jasonl »

Pretty sure it won't work on 2016 LTSB. A lot of the features the app relies on weren't introduced until the Creators Update (1703). If you're going to be That Guy, consider LTSC 2019.

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