CONNECT 4K Channel Detection

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CONNECT 4K Channel Detection

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I purchased a CONNECT 4K. It worked the first couple of days and suddenly stopped detecting channels - 0 channels detected. I can connect the same coax cable to the TV directly and receive over 100 OTA channels. I've done the pull the power for 10 seconds troubleshooting suggestion to no avail. I see references in the forum to the same problem, but no solutions. I also submitted a support ticket (#145632) on 2/14 but have not received a response (other than the automated acknowledgement).

Hardware Model HDHR5-4K
Firmware Version 20210210
Device ID 108146C8

Is there a solution? I have a few more days in my return window, but I am hoping not to have to exercise that option. For the 2-3 days that it worked, it was great. Thanks.

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Re: CONNECT 4K Channel Detection

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Replied to support ticket, sorry for the delay.

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