Homerun Prime Signal Issue

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Homerun Prime Signal Issue

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Just recently the Signal Quality on my HD Homerun Prime (as shown on the CableCard Status Menu) went to 0%, the Signal Strength started bouncing around from 100% to 50% (and sometimes 0%) and the OOB Lock was lost. (As well as all the reception.)

Comcast CableCard specific support stated it was not their issue, that the RF section of the Prime must have died, and because my internet was still working it could not possibly be a loss of signal from them because their signal for both originates in the same equipment.

As it turns out, the Prime was not fried. After a few days the condition was mysteriously repaired. Everything came back to normal and service was restored.

I was surprised at Comcast's insistence that the internet and digital cable signals are so intertwined as it would be impossible to lose one and not the other. Certainly this was not true in the past, but there have been major improvements in head end equipment and it didn't seem out of the realm of possibility.

Can anyone shed light on if this Comcast agent was being lazy or was unable by the nature of the PRIME to do any meaningful verification?
Should I have been more insistent with the information I was seeing, or is this typical of these older 1-way devices that the cable company can't monitor?


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Re: Homerun Prime Signal Issue

Post by jasonl »

Not uncommon for Comcast. Not common either, but you're far from the first person who had the OOB channel crap out for a few days before returning to normal. Not at all surprising that Comcast would claim their shit doesn't stink.

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