Hdhomerun HDHR5-4DC yousee

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Hdhomerun HDHR5-4DC yousee

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contacted you on (support ticket system) 1/1/21 04:53 got a question on 1/4/21 4:12 PM answered it on 1/4/21 4:55 PM

and since then I have not heard from you (silicondust support)

has a hdhomerun expand HDHR5-4DC
has cable tv DVB-c (yousee) denmark
has been working for about ½ years
it has worked fine until October where it would not show the channels on my tv in the bedroom.
makes a new Channel Lineup in between Christmas and New Year and then all channels disappear
can not find any channels now!

has changed antenna cable 3 times
has changed network cable 4 times

can see HDHR- on my network (tp-link archer ac1200)

HDhomerun setup:

location: denmark

BDA: default

Divece indput: tuners: 4 sourse type: digetal cabel status: ok

The tuner did not deeastect any channels.

please check the cabel tv feed is connected to the tuner


(green v) Version 20200907
(red x) No Channels

run plex srever on qnap nas
has a Digital Devices Octopus NET that works

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Re: Hdhomerun HDHR5-4DC yousee

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Looking into it now.

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