HD Home Run Windows Network Issue

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HD Home Run Windows Network Issue

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All of sudden Windows 7 computer is no longer finding my tuner during the network scan (on my 6 year old MCE system that hasn't changed). If I open the HD Homerun setup software you can literally see the tuners pop up in Windows Network at the same moment. I have tried the following:
1) Static IP on the HD Homerun
2) Made sure network is set to private
3) Turned off Windows Firewall
4) Updated the HD Homerun Software
5) Ran a channel scan (Saw someone mention this helped)
6) Computer and HD HomeRun are connected to same switch with Ethernet

If the computer sits on a for a bit eventually they pop up on their own, or I can force them to pop up via running the HD Home Run setup software, just opening it is enough. The built in HD Home Run app finds them fine, my Shield finds them fine and MCE works fine was they show up in the windows network scan.

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