New User Question: Can I use both a Prime and Quattro OTA

Reception, channel detection, network issues, CableCARD setup, etc.
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New User Question: Can I use both a Prime and Quattro OTA

Post by Jamram109 »

Good morning,

I know it sounds weird, but some of the OTA channels are not offered by my provider (Spectrum). Most of my family’s viewing habits include mainly OTA and Netflix/Hulu/Disney+. Cable channels are last but still nice to have when needed.

I would like to manage both as one giant multi-receiver, one DVR solution, one Guide listing all channels.

This will be on 2x Nvidia Shield (2 TV clients, server hosted on a always-on windows machine), plus random iOS tablets/phones in the house as needed.

Also, I’m sure this has been asked but wondering the status on DRM recording using the HDHR app on the Shields.

Thanks in advance,


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Re: New User Question: Can I use both a Prime and Quattro OTA

Post by signcarver »

Most apps have very little to no problem with having both (plex's dvr is about the only thing that comes to mind as something that had trouble with "multiple" lineups but don't know the current state of that)

Typically most solutions will combine the lineups into a bigger lineup so if you get cbs on 5 (or 1005) on cable you would typically get 5.1 for the channel number in your OTA lineup (essentially putting them right next to each other in the guide in the case of 5 and 5.1) as far as recording goes, typically the DVR will choose one or the other to make the recording (not both), often choosing to use OTA first to keep the cable tuners free but that can vary by program as well including how easy it is to prefer one or the other.

DRM recording will get here when it gets here and there probably won't be any updates on that until it happens or they decide to abandon it... since ATSC 3.0 may also require handling of DRM it makes sense that SD should continue working on such (i.e. a competitor's ATSC 3.0 tuner box is supposedly coming in a month or two and they eventually expect to offer a network storage option for it... supposedly for live it already handles protected/encrypted ATSC 3.0 programming). The latest update stated they continue to work on it and the update before that (with any additional information) stated it might require a scribe or servio to implement (at least at first) to ensure protection is maintained.

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Re: New User Question: Can I use both a Prime and Quattro OTA

Post by wilme2 »

I have used a Prime and an OTA in the same DVR for 5 years. But that means Windows 7 Media Center + EPG123 until DRM recording comes to HDHR DVR.

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Re: New User Question: Can I use both a Prime and Quattro OTA

Post by Dartman »

I recently added the 4k tuner to my HD HomeRun set up with win7 and WMC like mentioned because it fully supports the cable pay channels I used to have. Once I got it to scan the Ota stuff it sees both but I still use cable only for now as nobody here is actually broadcasting 4k get but is using HEVC so no sound with most older gear yet.
I can record fine with the DVR so there are options that work beside WMC if you need it.

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